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The next event on the chopping board was the prize giving day. we were informed it would take place on yhe 7th of june 2014, a one week margin . What came more as ashock was that there was going to be arehearsals show on the 6th of june 2014 this was not a troble to the martial artists but rather a challenge that was about to be conquered .

starting from the day after the religious event  training continued . having experienced a moment on the stage , the GTF members did not really mind about the number of peaople at the event , rather it was how to impress them with  their jaw dropping performance . thuus training was done day and night litterally .

finally the day came to show case their hard work, it was the rehearsals day . the items were neatly arranged and the anxious students arrange themselves as they would the next day . the GTF members kept giving each other hope and courage , then just before they were called they said a silent prayer .  

what the martial artists described as a sneak peek was more than satisfaction to the audience . this gave the GTF members the courage to face the following day . despite the comments that they should reduce the danger on their display . they did not dispair but became more detrmined.

finally the long awaited day arrived and preparations were intact , asvisitors starte arriving in multitudes . the negative side of the matter was the weather , it did not look promising for an event . the would open up for a while and release rain then dose up again. The  event was big and could not be hosted in the main hall. despite all this the ceremony still continued . As the  show was commencing , the GTF members raced to the back stage and stayedther together as one , giving each other courage and hope . The the weather then shifted from bad to worse , it started raining cats and dogs ! However we still kept calm .

then when it came down to two presentations , a member of the prize giving commitee came and told them that due to some inconviniencies the time was reduced to thre minutes for their act . However a hard blow it might have been , it did not deter them . the tae kwon do motto is to be formless , shapeless , lie water , and they used that to be flexible on their time expenditure .

They were finally called on the stage and they walked not very hastily and not very slowly but gracefully . They then started their act as though it was a sunny day, but in real sence it was raining .Each movement they did left the audience tilted in thier seats just to have a closer look . They fed the crowd what they wanted and even left them wanting more . After the outstanding performance the GTF members joined the crowd as if nothing had happened .People would keep asking how did we do this and how did we do that , all we could is sit back , relax and enjoy basking  in our fame .


THE KHAMSO SHOW (2/6/2014)

From the beginning of this term(7/5/2014__7/8/2014) GTF members got involved in many activities and this content briefly summarizes this adventurous moments.
The contents were created by Daniel Jillow.

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(G.T.F)Global Taekwondo Foundation, is a foundation established by coach Washington in 21st May 2011, as (G.Y.F.T) Garissa Youth Fitness Training. G.Y.F.T began as a youth group in North Eastern Kenya in a town known as Garissa to train the youth and equip them          with martial art skills.

G.Y.F.T had few trainees of about 13 students with coach Washington training them. It was an important foundation since it helped many youth to acquire important skills as far as martial art is concerned. Apparently, G.Y.F.T was the only martial art club of Taekwondo. The locals in this region were less concerned with martial art skills. It is this reason why coach Washington had few students.

In the late 2011, G.Y.F.T began to diminish since the few students withdrew one by one until there were few students remaining to train. Finally, G.Y.F.T closed down.

In the begining of 2012, Washington chose only six students who were serious to train them well and bring success to the initially diminished GYFT.

Washington’s oldest student was Issa who already mastered most of Taekwondo skills. Of the six students, Issa and Abdullrahman(Adi Lee) were able to master well, the Taekwondo techniques. In fact Washington was surprised by Adi Lee. He could master any technique just once demonstrated. Adi Lee was a fast learner student and he followed Washington for extra lessons. One thing Washington loved about Adi Lee is his flexibility and his fast learning ability. Apparently Adi Lee has already started performing 360 and 540 kicks when he was in Yellow belt. Washington named him Lee after Bruce Lee because of his Speed and flexibility. Thus the name Adi Lee.

Issa was fast in learning punches and hand techniques but he had hard time performing the 360 and 540 kicks. It took him a whole month learning the 360 kicks. What Issa learnt fast was the use of the Dragon. Infact he was the one who taught Adi Lee how to use the Dragon privately.

Washington Died in 30th October 2012 and left his students with a broken heart and most of the students lost hope of ever having a teacher like him. The foundation once again collapsed after the death of Washington. But later, Adi Lee and Issa called the other members and agreed to revive the club and continue what Washington began. Adi Lee left for Mombasa, a coastal city in Kenya to look for another teacher. Issa was left in charge of the club with the help of Mohammed. On the other hand, Adi Lee found another teacher who trained him for a month and Adi Lee left for studies to start high school life.

When Adi Lee went back home, he called a meeting with the SIX DRAGONS and other members who joined. They agreed to come up with a strong club of trainees. The name G.Y.F.T was also changed to G.T.F after G.Y.F.T started having sub-branches. The name G.T.F is a motivational name by the members as they believe one day their foundation will be recognized world-wide.  The G.T.F stuff include;

Adi Lee in Mombasa.

Adi Lee_____Manager.


Issa____ Assistant Manager.



Avelee Abdi.


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